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Integration Problems

From the Journal of Sharak Langenbart, Weaponsmith:

23 Veltom: It has been nearly three weeks since the opening of the kaer and it seems difficult to believe that this is the first chance I have had to sit down and take note of what has been happening. Nels left shortly after the celebration to seek training in Bartertown. Parth and I both found willing trainers here in Ardanyan, in my case a dwarf named Elmar Feuerzange. I was surprised to discover that his training involved quite so many nails. We spent a lot of time making nails for the new construction that the sudden spike in the town’s population has inspired. Of course, while we were making the nails we were discussing runes of power and other magical theories, but still… nails. I am rather sick of the things.

A rather more pleasant discovery was Elmar’s daughter, Glanren. We met during the Opening Day celebration and quickly discovered we had a great deal in common. She is not an adept, but she is a skilled smith in her own right, having been raised in her father’s forge. She was the one who suggested that I take up my training with Elmar. I had planned to approach Handreaux, who we had purchased gear from at Argethiel’s Forge, but I was certainly willing for an excuse to spend more time with this young woman. Granted a lot of that time was spent making nails, but we make due with what we have I suppose. If the Passions grant us more time here perhaps I will get an opportunity to woo her properly.

As it turns out, it was good that I had gotten aquainted with Elmar since the other weponsmiths in Ardanyan were named as a conspirator and had fled with the others by the time anyone got a chance to try and find him.

For the record, the primary conspirators seem to have been

Leldrin, elven Illusionist
Argethiel, elven Weaponsmith
Errin, elven Warrior (previously ran the Thirsty Dragon Inn)
Jania, elven Swordmaster
Mangalin, elven Wizard
Handreaux, elven Weaponsmith (previously ran Argethiel’s Forge)
Garethiel, elven Scout

There were many others who disappeared at the same time, so they are presumed to be involved in the conspiracy as well but these were the only ones who have been formally charged with anything at this point.

When I have not been making nails, I have been involved in the meetings and disputes of the kaer Council and the Merchant’s guild. The entire town council disappeared and has gotten a bad reputation, so they decided to differentiate themselves by continuing to refer to themselves at the kaer council. The Merchant’s guild objects to some degree, but realistically they are outnumbered by the newcomers (who are better armed in any event) so they are scrabbling for influence and advantage in the new order.

The Council seems to think of the four of us as not only their saviors, but their continued guardians as well. They have mentioned to me more than once how we must be cautious hunting down the conspirators as they are high circle adepts. That is certainly true, but we have no leads on where they might have gone so I have chosen to be polite and let it go until such a time as it becomes more of an issue. The conspiracy certainly has reason enough to seek us out in any event, even if we were just mainly in the wrong place at the right time.

To make matters worse, the highest ranking members of the town watch — those associated most closely with the Town Council — as well as the entire Market Authority (which was housed in the Council House) left when the conspiracy was exposed.

The remaining members of the Merchant’s Guild (a few of them left as well) are making efforts to assume the role of Market Authority as well, an obvious conflict of interests. The Kaer Council is attempting to become the Town Council (seeing as how the kaer is being abandoned — actually, they are planning on making the entire kaer a mining community) and so also feels they should have governorship over trade with the town (collecting taxes and the bridge fees, for example), especially since the Merchants have, knowingly or not, been benefiting from the kaer all this time.

I have pressed to have the population of the kaer to come out in stages, as housing and resources come available, but there is too much excitement to be out in the open air I suppose and chaos is reigning.

On the plus side, the kaer Council gave us an enormous house with some grounds, including a small forge, as thanks for our work. Considering the lack of housing this is far more valuable than any monetary reward we may have gotten. I think they also seek to tie us to Ardanyan more strongly as well, though we have been given no official positions here which suits all of us just fine. I feel some responsibility for the town and its future, but I don’t think the others feel as strongly as I do. This was, after all, my parents work during most of my youth. It seems natural and right for me to take it up, even if only for a short time.

In any event, there is someone calling at the door, a windling by the sounds of it so it seems there is to be no more time for me to collect my thoughts. There has been little enough time for rest or sleep in the past weeks, it seems, with all these changes. Ah well, at least we aren’t dead!



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