Return to Barsaive

Some Smithing and Some Walking

From the Journal of Sharak Langenbart, Weaponsmith:
26 Doddul 1507: The return trip to Bartertown was as uneventful as when we left. We met with Darron and told him of Lang’s hardships. While stressed at the news, he was pleased the situation had been resolved, though not as pleased with having to pay us I think. Ah well.

We have decided to spend a bit of time here, improving our gear and resting after our travels. Nels and I traveled to the market and found a Dwarven Elementalist who was willing to purchase the lightning lizard eyes while Parth found an armorsmith. Impressed by the workmanship of Parth’s armor I returned with him the next day and we also brought along an obsidiman ritual dagger. Neither Parth or I were successful in convincing the armorsmith to buy the dagger, which he said was fairly worthless to anyone but an obsidiman, but I discovered that he is willing to let me use his forge for the next few weeks for a reasonable fee.

15 Strassa 1508: Perhaps I should have thought to ask the fellow’s name; he did allow me the use of his forge for the past few weeks. I was, at any rate, able to successfully enhance weapons for Parth and Nels. My own spiked mace however gave me fits and I never did get it quite right. Ah well.

We had been keeping an eye out for work and found an easy enough job for a man named Phregas Kular, guarding a caravan traveling between Bartertown and Ardanyan. So, we took the job and set off this morning. Also among the guards was an archer by the name of Laran, who we are happy to have in our company.

19 Strassa 1508: We were assaulted by a band of orks, who outnumbered us and were both mounted and well equipped. Despite this, they only partially engaged us while most of their number continued past to the wagons themselves. I was knocked down and I saw one of the drivers get out of the back of one of the wagons and receive a small box from one of the Orks, but I was knocked unconscious soon after and don’t remember very clearly. Perhaps I should invest in a helmet. In any event, the others revived me after the remaining orks turned and left the area at top speed. We managed to capture one as they fled and hoped to learn more but shortly after they left, they charged back and without engaging us significantly slayed their captured companion.

I was revived and we spoke with the driver, named Daylen if I recall correctly, but he denied my story. We spoke to the caravan owner and he decided to let the mater pass and asked us to keep an eye on the driver when we reached the town.



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