A rough timeline of campaign events

30 Borrum 1507: PCs Nels, Parth, and Sharak meet for the first time, and under unpleasant circumstances aboard the K’tag

2 Doddul 1507: PCs defeat mermen

17-20 Doddul 1507: Rescuing the village of Lang

15 Strassa through 2 Veltom 1508: Hired to guard a caravan of goods from Bartertown to town of Ardanyan. Laran joins the party. Discover and expose Ardanyan plot. Free Kaer Ardanyan.

3-23 Veltom 1508: 2nd Circle training for Nels, Laran, Parth, Sharak.

24 Veltom 1508: D’threnial joins group. Group proceeds to Servos to hunt for plant thought lost in the Scourge.


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