Parlainth was the administrative center of the Theran Empire in the northeast corner of Barsaive before the Scourge. It was the greatest city in Barsaive, a marvelous great city built of white shining stone that shone far in the distance.

When they heard of the coming Scourge, the rulers of Parlainth decided that the protections offered by Thera weren’t enough. Rather than build a kaer — the more common forms of protection against the Horrors — the Theran magicians cast a powerful spell that moved the entire city to a pocket dimension. To ensure that the Horrors didn’t find their way to Parlainth, the Therans attempted to remove all memories of the city from Barsaive. The spell was successful, and removed not only all recollection of the city but also every record of it. As far as the people of Barsaive knew, the city had never existed. Unfortunately, it was not enough. The Horrors had already found the city and, trapped within the city for the duration of the Scourge, grew increasingly frustrated with their limited supply of Namegivers. No one alive know precisely what transpired during those long centuries, but what returned to Barsaive was not a city but a living nightmare.

The city is packed with both Horrors and their minions, creatures and constructs the Horrors created to stave of boredom when the city was trapped in another dimension. It still contains many treasures, but it is a lethal and often-time terrifying place.

Despite the dangers, Parlainth remains a tempting destination for adventurers. It is full of treasure, some of it hidden for hundreds of years, and some of it brought by other, less fortunate adventurers. Most of the treasure-hunting expeditions originate in the nearby town of Haven, which arose to serve the need of the adventurers brave or foolish enough to seek fortune and glory in the cursed city. Run by a troll named Torgak, this town thrives on the chaos of visitors, adventurers, and the occasional breach of creatures from Parlainth.


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